YouTube FF/REW breaks AV sync


I've noticed this issue for over a year, since shortly after getting BlueCurve.  Any time I  rewind or fast forward a YouTube video on my Xi6 players, the audio goes out of sync and sometimes drops out.  The audio will stay out of sync for the remainder of that video's playback.  There are intermittent visual artifacts and video stuttering.  Pressing "last" on the remote and choosing the video again will play back properly, but it generally won't start from the point I left off.  When choosing a new video from the Related drawer menu, Up Next, or having YouTube's auto play feature enabled and letting it start a new video, whatever plays next is always fine, unless of course I try to navigate backwards or forwards in that video too.  Casting to the BlueCurve YouTube app using the YouTube on TV feature from the YouTube on my phone also exhibits the same issue if I scrub backwards or forwards from my phone's YouTube app.

I can reproduce the issue 100% of the time and it occurs on more than one Xi6 player.  Restarting the XB6 and Xi6 units doesn't make any difference, nor did performing a full reset and configuration of the BlueCurve equipment.

In the den, I work around the issue by using the YouTube app on my smart TV, Xbox, or other device instead.  In the living room, only the Xi6 is YouTube capable so I'm stuck with the issue there for now.  I frequently miss bits of dialogue, so being able to rewind is quite helpful.

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@greblosdier Terribly sorry that this thread was missed! Please note, this platform is not closely monitored like our other platforms.

Do you continue to experience this issue? If so, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Specialist team as they will be able to conduct further troubleshooting. From there they will be able to advise the next best step!

Please give them a nudge at 


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