Call before you dig, the cables underground allow Shaw to provide services. To ensure that construction and development do not interfere with the operation of our network, DigShaw provides information regarding the location of buried underground Shaw cables.

What is DigShaw?

Shaw has its own DigShaw Facility Locate Service to better serve our customers nationally. Locates of all Shaw underground utilities must be arranged through the Shaw Locate teams, either through the website or if it is an emergency request through 1-866-DigShaw (344-7429).


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We are dedicated to the elimination of damages to our facilities and to the promotion of safe working environments for everyone. Scheduling locate markings is only required every 30 days as long as marks are still visible. For additional details visit 


Reducing damages to buried facilities positively benefits:

  • Worker’s safety
  • Public safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Preservation of the integrity of society’s essential services
  • Preserves customer experience by ensuring there are no service interruptions due to damaged lines

Residential requests

Before digging, plan your job and be sure you have considered who you need to inform.

Work Safely

Determine what facilities may be affected by your activity, underground and overhead. This could be Shaw cable facilities, gas, power or other facilities owned by utilities. Hitting or damaging these facilities could result not only in outages of these services, but also injury to you, your family, and your neighbours.



For your protection, if your digging job is going to be within one meter of where a locator marked the buried facility (they often use paint or flags, etc), you must first carefully dig and expose the utility's facility using hand tools (i.e. shovels) to locate exactly where the buried utility's facility is.



Contact all utilities or companies to have their buried facilities marked and located. Utilities installed in road allowances or utility right-of-ways are owned and maintained by those utilities, and it is the responsibility of the ground disturber (excavator) to contact all underground facility owners for the Location information.



In the Description and Comments section of the request, let us know if there is access to your yard when no one is home so we can still mark the Locate in your absence. Use this field to tell us what type of work you are doing, where in your yard (location) the work is being done and how deep the dig is going to be.


Report damage

Report any damage, either caused or found to all facility owners.


Once you are ready, visit DigShaw - Residential to submit a request.

Commercial requests

Before you start digging, plan your job and be sure you have considered who you need to inform.


Health & safety codes

Be aware of, and follow the Occupational Health & Safety codes in your area for work near buried and overhead facilities. For example, hand exposure of facilities in a non-destructive manner prior to ground disturbance work; verify clearance to overhead lines, etc.


Locators' safety

The safety and well-being of our locators at the site is of the utmost importance. Whoever requested the locates may need to make additional arrangements for traffic accommodations to close off a section of roadway for the job to be performed safely.


Once you are ready, visit DigShaw - Commercial to submit a request.

Emergency contact information

Call 1-866-DIGSHAW immediately, if any of the followings has occurred:

  • If you see or smell a natural gas leak
    • Ensure that the area is evacuated, and contact your gas provider before calling DigShaw
  • If excavation is underway and a line gets hit
  • If there is a water main break
  • After a locate has been marked and an unknown cable is found
  • Other utility company emergencies

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For more emergency contact information, visit DigShaw - Resource Centre

Contact One Call for additional non-Shaw services

Please remember to contact your local One Call service and any other services not covered by the One Call systems. For other areas not indicated below, please see:


Province Website
British Columbia

Frequently asked questions

Can DigShaw bury the pedestal in my yard?

For questions regarding equipment on the residential property, please contact customer service. Additional information for Residential Digs.


Where can I learn more about Dig Shaw?

Visit our Dig Shaw Resource Centre for more information.


Can DigShaw help with my Shaw account?

Our DigShaw team specializes in underground utilities. For questions regarding your billing or Shaw account, please chat with a Shaw agent. 


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