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Scehdule PVR recording from BlueCurve App

I recently switched from Gateway portal hardware to BlueCurve Home/Cloud PVR. Using the BlueCurve TV app, is there a way to set or schedule PVR recordings? I can see recorded programs, and delete programs, but no place to start/set/schedule recording... Read more

Casting to chromecast error message TVAPP-00115

I am attempting to cast from my blue curve app to a google tv chromecast and it comes up with a TVAPP-00115 CODE AND SAYS HAD TROUBLE any suggestions?on same network, rebooted and installed it again, was working perfectly then stopped and this error ... Read more

What am I paying for !!?!

We had a tech come to the house to have a look at our cable lines to the exterior pole and in the process he unnecessarily did a modem “swap” … I asked him to “swap” back and now we have had no service whatsoever (neither cable nor internet) since Ja... Read more

Shaw BlueCurve TV on FireTV

Shaw now has the BlueCurve TV app on FireTV. I am not sure if it is available on other platforms, I haven’t checks my Apple TV yet. The app is pretty much the same as what is available on iOS and Android, the channels are limited to those that have g... Read more

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