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Deleting the Recently Watched icons

AFTER watching a particular tv show, that icon appears in the Recently Watched section of the For You category. I want to delete these icons because I will not be re-watching the same episode and it annoys me to have to see these all the time. The on... Read more

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Ignite TV App Recording

If Shaw has now transitioned over to the ignite TV platform, why can we still not record a show from the app? Why can the Rogers customers using Ignite TV App record from the app? Read more

Skipping Live TV on Calgary CTV ad Global

Problem started in mid-May 2023 (after switching to BlueCurve wireless TV equipment in May 2022). Live TV on Calgary CTV or Global started skipping during broadcast. Sometimes switching to HGTV or other network seemed to clear skipping problem. But s... Read more

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