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blue curve on remote computer only windows 7

Folks;I have constant trouble having to allow adobe flash in Chrome browser at least three different times when trying to watch live TV. First I have to allow it in chrome; then it comes up again before getting any TV saying "flash blocked as out of ... Read more

Scehdule PVR recording from BlueCurve App

I recently switched from Gateway portal hardware to BlueCurve Home/Cloud PVR. Using the BlueCurve TV app, is there a way to set or schedule PVR recordings? I can see recorded programs, and delete programs, but no place to start/set/schedule recording... Read more

Watch a VOD selection on laptop

I wanted to order a movie from shaw video on demand and watch on my laptop. When I did a search about that possibility, was directed to which redirected to However, there does not seen to be any way to access th... Read more

Blue Curve app show downloads.

How do I download recorded shows to the sd card on my Android tablet? The app is on my sd card and there's lots of space. I can only download 2 recordings which leads me to believe it's putting them in the internal storage. Read more

Screen Mirroring from Samsung Phone or I pad

I have a Hisense and Samsung TV and can't seem to watch Shaw on either tv via screen share or screen mirroring. I can share any image from my devices onto the tv, however, when playing via shaw blue curve app on my device it just won't play and comes... Read more

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