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Scehdule PVR recording from BlueCurve App

I recently switched from Gateway portal hardware to BlueCurve Home/Cloud PVR. Using the BlueCurve TV app, is there a way to set or schedule PVR recordings? I can see recorded programs, and delete programs, but no place to start/set/schedule recording... Read more

Shaw Freerange website and Google Chrome issue

Looking for help with Shaw Freerange using Google Chrome. I have the latest updates for Google Chrome browser but can't get it to load Shaw Freerane website. Originally had issues with Flash but have set that to allow. Now the website start to load a... Read more

Blue curve app

I am new, as of today, to blue curve. I have the blue curve app but there appears to be little I can do with, am I missing something. I setup my devices, made a profile and ?? Does it have anymore functions ? Read more

Some Gateway things I miss

We’ve only had Blue Curve for a little while so maybe I’m not using it right but I can’t seem to do a couple of things I used to do with gateway. I used to watch a recording then exit and rewind whatever channel I had left on to watch a show. Now whe... Read more

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