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Topics with Label: BlueCurve TV App

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Shaw / Rogers Merger Approved news. Seems the competition lines are being redrawn between Telcos and Cablecos. Here hoping for some exciting things down the road. Read more

ShawDirect - Bluecurve app

I am wondering if someone can explain the logic in this problem...Though I am ShawDirect, the bluecurve app works essentially the same and I see the list of available channels, no problems there. What I am wondering is why do I continually get blacko... Read more


Hi there. Wondering when Shaw will add Disney+ to the apps on our BlueCurve boxes? Would be amazing if we could access that content at our TV locations without an alternate streaming device. Thank you. Read more


No video on external monitor when using iPad

When I use the Shaw TV app or the bluecurve web page to watch TV on my iPad connected to an external TV, the video does not display on my external TV, just on the iPad. The audio does come out of the external TV, but not the video.I'm pretty sure thi... Read more

Shaw TV app on TV

I am upgrading my Shaw TV service due to having old TV boxes. I had 8 TVs connected in various rooms and have now been told I can only have 6 TVs at the most. Two of the TVs are not used often, but still are used. What is the best way to hook up the ... Read more

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