Learn how to reset an Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) with these tips. If you find that you have no dial tone on your home phones, you may be able to restore your phone service with a simple reset of your Digital Phone Terminal. This guide refers directly to the Arris TM602 model seen in the diagrams below. Click the following links if your service is provided via an alternative model such as the Arris TM502Motorola SBV 5120 or Motorola SBV 5220 Digital Phone Terminals.

How to reset your Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal

Follow these steps to reset your Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal by disconnecting the power supply:

  1. Once you have located and identified your Digital Phone Terminal, please disconnect the black power cable from the back of the DPT
  2. Remove the battery from the bottom of the Digital Phone Terminal. See the following article for details on how to do this: Removing the Battery from Your DPT
  3. Wait thirty seconds and then restore power to the DPT by reconnecting the power cable and the battery
  4. Wait two to three minutes for the TEL1 and TEL2 lights to start flashing simultaneously before testing the dial tone on your phones. If your phone service is still unavailable after an additional five minutes, please Contact Us

Did you know? While we have provided this support information, we want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support for their third-party hardware and software by speaking with the experts. The best way to resolve your third-party issue is to use support resources from the original manufacturer or developer. If out support information does not answer your question, please visit Arris Support.

Visual Guide: TM602 power supply

Here is a visual guide to resetting your Arris TM602 DPT.

153575_Arris Plugged In2.jpg

Step 1: Locate the power cable on the Digital Phone Terminal

Step 2: Remove the power cable




Performing a pinhole reset of the TM602

Follow these steps to reset your Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal by performing a pinhole reset.

  1. Locate your Digital Phone Terminal
  2. Locate the small hole labelled Reset on the back of the DPT (see photos below)
  3. Using a pin, depress the button located at the base of this hole for twenty seconds.
  4. You will see the lights on the modem begin to flash as the system resets.
  5. Wait five to ten minutes for the DPT to come online (Power, DS, US, and Online lights will stop flashing and return to a solid state to indicate an online status)
  6. Check your phones for a functioning dial tone.


Did You Know

If your phones still do not have access to a working dial tone or the lights indicated above continue to flash, please refer to the How To Remove the Battery from your DPT guide which will walk you through the process of fully resetting your Digital Phone Terminal.

Visual Guide: TM602 pinhole reset

Here is a visual guide that you can use to perform a pinhole reset of your Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal.

153591_TM602-pinhole.jpgPinhole reset for the Arris TM602 Digital Phone Terminal

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