I have been a Shaw customer for 20 years. Your service and reps have deteriorated badly/ I was told one thing by a service rep and then told something else by another. I had a 2 year contract with a specific NO PRICE INCREASE FOR 2 YEARS. Now apparently its changed. As of today I am contacting Telus for a new service. I have just had enough with your terrible service and money grab. Your service goes down and your prices go up. No wonder you have lost 30% of the market in the last few years. Talking tp someone who can fix it is impossible.

This is not an idol threat, This is going to happen, Enough is enough, Telus is killing you on prices.



Larry Schweigert

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The price guarantee in your 2-year Value Plan would prote...


@llswag The price guarantee in your 2-year Value Plan would protect against modifications in the rate for the base service governed under the agreement, for example if you have a 2-year agreement for Internet 300, that price guarantee would ensure your rate for Internet 300 stays the same through the length of the agreement. If you're unsure which services under your account are price guaranteed, I'd recommend reviewing your original agreement documentation, or getting in touch with an agent here so they can review your account and plan details with you. 

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