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We no longer get a lot of calls on our house phone.  So few so that we are seriously considering just getting rid of it as so many have already.  When we do, it would be nice if the caller could leave a message.  When we signed up with Shaw, we configured our voice messaging system and everything seemed to be working. 

The other day, a call came in and I was not able to to get to the phone. I thought, "no worry, the answering machine will pick it up". BUT IT DIDN'T.  The phone just rang and rang.  

I eventually remembered to log into My shaw and and check. BEHOLD the voicemail was turned off. All of my settings had been deleted. My welcome message, My number of rings, my email address, everything. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking on my phone with a family member in BC. We'd been talking for about a half an hour when all of a sudden, my phone cut out. I was unable to even get a dial tone to call them back for maybe 15 minutes. When the other party tried calling me back (at the same time as I was trying to call them), they just got ringing and ringing.

Our alarm panel uses our phone line to communicate with the monitoring station.  Often times when it's quiet, I can hear the alarm panel clicking trying to establish communication with the station. Then I get an error report that there is a communication failure.  

Over all, I am not very pleased with the level of service that we get with Shaw.  "Would we recommend Shaw to a friend? - Not very effing likely" 

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-- Ouch! You really have some issues with your Shaw Phone...

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@wmaisonneuve -- Ouch! You really have some issues with your Shaw Phone service.

Since this is just a peer-to-peer discussion forum, I recommend that you contact Shaw Support (currently, online chat has priority over telephone), and get them to trouble-shoot.


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