If you and a technician have been unable to fix an issue with one of your Ignite Self Protect security or doorbell cameras within the first year, you may be able to exchange it on warranty. Check if your camera qualifies.

Warranty period and eligibility

For cameras purchased outright by you, a 1-year limited warranty applies to any camera defects. If the cameras were installed for you as part of a Pro Install, the warranty period starts on the day the installation is complete; for self-installs, the warranty starts on the day the camera was shipped to you. The warranty does not apply if the camera:

  • Has been altered, except by Shaw or as instructed by Shaw;
  • Has not been installed, operated, used or maintained in accordance with the relevant instructions; or,
  • Has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress or environmental conditions, misused, or negligently handled or operated.

Please contact us for help with your camera's warranty.

Returning Self Protect Cameras

Self Protect cameras can only be returned:

  • With a receipt,
  • Within 30 days of when they were purchased in-store or shipped,
  • In like-new condition, and
  • With all original parts, components and packaging.

Please contact us for help returning a camera.

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