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How to use Home & Away modes in the Ignite HomeConnect app

Switch easily between which motion events send you notifications when you’re at home or away. You can customize your Home & Away mode settings in the Ignite HomeConnect app. For example, you may want certain motion sensors to alert you if they detect... Read more

Home security device guides

Need help with how to use your home security equipment? We have step-by-step interactive guides for Ignite Self Protect hardware, the Ignite HomeConnect app and more. You'll be able to find your home security equipment and choose "iOS" or "Android" f... Read more

How to set Camera Area in the Ignite HomeConnect app

You can configure the Camera Area on your Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera (Wired)TM or Ignite Doorbell Camera (Wired)TM to restrict motion events to a defined field of view and cut down on unnecessary notifications. Setting the Camera Area The camera ar... Read more

How to reset Ignite home security and doorbell cameras

Sometimes you may need to restart your security or doorbell cameras to resolve a technical issue. You can do this in the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app or manually. If this doesn't fix your issue, you may be prompted to factory reset your device. Rest... Read more