Learn about the hardware features and specs of the Motorola SB5102 Internet modem. The Motorola SB5102 modem provides high-speed access to the Internet and other online services.


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Motorola SB5102 modem light sequence

Learn about what the various light sequences mean on the Motorola SB5102 modem.


Motorola SB5102 Internet Modem light sequence


Solid Green Light: the unit is receiving power.
Flashing Light: startup diagnostics are in progress.


Solid Green Light: the downstream channel is connected.
Flashing Light: the modem is scanning for a downstream connection.


Solid Green Light: the upstream channel is connected.
Flashing Light: the modem is scanning for an upstream connection.


Solid Green Light: the modem is online.
Flashing Light: the modem is scanning for network connectivity.


Flashing Amber Light: the modem detects that it is physically connected to another device.
Off: the modem was unable to detect that a device has been connected to the Ethernet port. The Ethernet cable may have been unplugged or the device you are connecting the modem to could potentially be experiencing issues its' network adapter.

Rear View
Motorola SB5102 Internet Modem - rear view
EthernetConnects the modem to an Ethernet equipped computer or third party device (router, ethernet hub, etc.)
CableConnects the modem to the cable outlet using a coaxial cable
PowerConnects modem to the power supply

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Here are some additional details and specifications on the Motorola SB5102 Internet modem.


Details / Specifications


10/100 Mbps
Maximum Download Speed
Supports Shaw Internet download speeds up to 25 Mbps (depending on your Internet subscription)


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