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Can I change my dynamic IP address?

Your Shaw modem is assigned a dynamic IP address automatically, which we cannot change by request. While your IP address is dynamic, it is meant to stay the same for a long period of time, and may never change. Changes or maintenance to our network c... Read more

How To: Restart your modem using My Shaw

Having trouble with Internet or TV connectivity? Once per hour, you can use My Shaw to restart your modem and fix most common connection issues. Restart using the My Shaw website To restart your modem using the My Shaw website: Visit Sign... Read more

How To: Activate your Hitron modem using My Shaw

Interested in learning how to activate your Hitron modem (CGNM-2250) using My Shaw? You're in the right place! When you order Shaw Internet, you can choose the Self-Install option. New customers who order a Hitron modem through direct fulfillment or ... Read more

About: BlueCurve Pods

BlueCurve Pods are WiFi extenders that work with your BlueCurve Gateway and BlueCurve Home app. They ensure wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in any home, and are easily activated on your home network using the BlueCurve Home app.Pods are designed to provid... Read more

How to fix BlueCurve Pods offline

When a BlueCurve Pod goes offline, it can create gaps or dead spots in your home Wi-Fi network. Follow the steps below to bring your Pods back online. This article will teach you how to reconnect a Pod that has gone offline. Reconnect a BlueCurve Pod... Read more

How to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network

Learn how to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network. Pods can be renamed or removed at any time using BlueCurve Home. This can be helpful if you're troubleshooting or relocating a Pod to a different spot in your home. How to rename BlueCurve Pods... Read more

How To: Set up and activate BlueCurve Pods

This article will tell you how to set up and activate your new BlueCurve WiFi Pods, to improve your home network's WiFi coverage and eliminate dead spots. Before you begin If you have a BlueCurve Gateway but haven't activated it yet, read How To: Con... Read more

BlueCurve Pods FAQ

Find frequently asked questions about BlueCurve Pods below. What are BlueCurve Pods? What are Pods and how do they work? BlueCurve Pods are WiFi extenders that work with your BlueCurve Gateway and BlueCurve Home app. They ensure wall-to-wall WiFi cov... Read more

How do I set up my Shaw Internet modem?

If you have received a new Internet modem from Shaw and are looking to set it up for first-time use: Connect the coax cable from a wall outlet to the Cable In connection on your modem. Connect the power cable to both the modem and a wall outlet. To c... Read more

How to convert your wireless modem to bridged mode

If you would like to connect and set up your Shaw WiFi modem with a third party networking device such as a router (a configuration known as "Bridged Mode") follow these instructions. To update your WiFi modem to a Bridge mode, you will need to conta... Read more

How to improve Internet speed by restarting your modem

Experiencing slow or inconsistent Internet speed? Restarting your Shaw modem is often the easiest way to improve the performance of your Internet connection. Restart your modem To restart your modem manually: Unplug the power cable from the back of t... Read more

How to troubleshoot an intermittent Internet connection

When everything is set up and working correctly, your home Internet connection should always be available. If your Internet stops working intermittently, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. Troubleshoot your connection These are c... Read more

Shaw Internet Services FAQs

Learn more about Shaw Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of Shaw’s Internet plans? You can view all of Shaw’s Internet plans here. What are the Internet speeds offered by Shaw? Shaw currently offers the fol... Read more

Shaw Internet Troubleshooting FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about WiFi connectivity, network issues, and how to improve download speeds. Frequently Asked Questions My Internet isn't working — is there an outage in my area? An outage can cause a disruption in your Inter... Read more

Optimizing your WiFi experience

With the launch of faster internet speeds comes a great deal of excitement, however, that excitement can be quickly dampened by expectations surrounding these new speeds not being met. WiFi speeds can vary on each device due to current technology, de... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with your devices

This article will help you set up and troubleshoot email and WiFi on devices like phones, computers, gaming consoles, TVs, and accessories. You'll find links to more detailed articles for Shaw devices, and links to external websites for devices sold ... Read more

Third-party support FAQ

This article covers some of the most commonly asked questions about third-party support. While Shaw is committed to providing the best service to our customers, we no longer can provide support for non-Shaw related issues. Note: Information about pro... Read more

How To: Connect your BlueCurve Gateway

This article tells you everything you need to know to connect a BlueCurve Gateway (Arris TG3482 or Technicolor CGM4141) to Shaw Internet services. Before you begin If you are also activating a Wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player please complete the setup... Read more

How to use parental controls on the BlueCurve Gateway

Learn how to access and set up parental controls on the BlueCurve Gateway, The Gateway includes a number of parental control options which are accessible through the Admin Tool. Using these options, you can restrict access to specific websites, keywo... Read more

How to configure bridge mode on the BlueCurve Gateway

This article provides steps on how to enable or disable bridge mode on the BlueCurve Gateway. Bridge mode turns off the router functionality of the modem (including built in WiFi), and is often used to allow a second networking device (i.e. a third p... Read more

Shaw Modem Replacement

You may receive a modem with a letter stating that your existing modem requires mandatory replacement. We have initiated a network maintenance program in order to ensure that the Internet service with which we are providing our customers continues to... Read more

How to change the WiFi password on a BlueCurve Gateway

This page provides the information that you will need to change your WiFi password on the BlueCurve Gateway. To change the password for the wireless network on your Gateway, you will need to log into the modem configuration page which will allow you ... Read more

Equipment Info: BlueCurve Gateway

Find information on the BlueCurve Gateway including key features, available connections and hardware specifications. Overview and features Light sequence Connections Specifications Overview and features The BlueCurve Gateway has an updated design and... Read more

How to connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to WiFi

Learn how to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick media streaming device to your Shaw in-home WiFi. This article will provide insight into:How to connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to in-home WiFi Did You Know? This article applies to the Amazon Fire TV Stick... Read more

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