Blue Curve POD Installation

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I went through all the steps, got the Blue Curve pods all "connected" and green lights.  But I can't get anything to connect to them.  I mess around with it for quite some time, still not getting a single thing to connect to the "greater range".  Finally, I call support and get a call back.  I am then on hold a long time as it had to be put to the "pod" department, and i am told that there is a 24 to 48 hour wait for them to get "fully activated" at the "back end".  Then I am told that it could be 72 hours and that they "don't have a way to talk" to the back end people to influence the process.

So how to you troubleshoot an issue if you "can't talk" to the people who run the "back end " for it?  And why doesn't anyone tell in advance about the either 24 or 48 or 72 hour wait? Is this true or is it nonsense?  

As of now, I have lost a lot of time, which is 100% wasted, don't have the functionality and have nowhere to turn....

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

I find it very unacceptable.

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Re: Blue Curve POD Installation


Hello techid1 

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble getting connected! The BlueCurve Pods should work right away, provided you have followed all of the instructions on https://community.shaw.ca/docs/DOC-18601

There is an optimization period of a couple of days, but you should still be able to connect devices during that time. I'd recommend going through those steps again to make sure everything has been done correctly, and if they're still not letting you connect anything, please get in touch with tech support so we can take a closer look. If you use Facebook or Twitter, those would be your best options if you want to avoid waiting on hold. 

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