Emails from PCid.ca always delayed by 15 minutes


Recently pcid.ca (the PC Optimum program by Loblaws) implemented 2-step verification for their collection of sites, which is great, but unfortunately the verification code never arrives in time because it has a 10 minute time limit and never arrives sooner than EXACTLY 15 minutes. This is possibly due to a combination of improper mail record setup on their end, and Shaw's mail scanning. I've only encountered this with PCid (afaik) and a password reset email from the same service arrives in seconds.  

This is an analysis from the Google GSuite Toolbox MessageHeader Analyzer (https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/main/)

The 15 minute delay is caused by a dmarc failure.  The message headers below also state that.

Return-Path: opcns-bounces-us2_ww@oracle.com
Received: from mi04-ssvc.dcs.int.inet (LHLO mi04.dcs.int.inet)
( by cds104.dcs.int.inet with LMTP; Sun, 30 Jun 2019 01:33:28
-0600 (MDT)
Received: from chclsmtp04.us2.oraclecloud.com ([])
by cmsmtp with ESMTP
id hU6UhP6OpQDikhU6WhT5me; Sun, 30 Jun 2019 01:18:28 -0600
Authentication-Results: mi04.dcs.int.inet;
dmarc=fail header.from=pcid.ca
X-Authority-Analysis: v=2.3 cv=V7EDLtvi c=1 sm=1 tr=0 cx=a_idp_d
a=ddyF+tiELePKXMS2eBfTgA==:117 a=ddyF+tiELePKXMS2eBfTgA==:17
a=dq6fvYVFJ5YA:10 a=IoeQSOh0AAAA:8 a=y-PgIkTeAAAA:8 a=tKyUNxqEAAAA:8
a=HM7mAMMlAAAA:8 a=HmSVgsQxAAAA:8 a=fv0mHEm4d2IzW44KPNcA:9
a=ooIwZ-kpNr9UwMUp:21 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=frz4AuCg-hUA:10 a=QEXdDO2ut3YA:10
a=KmDxrYuWIOYA:10 a=IS0t7KeZx0YA:10 a=ErelB5rPNmYA:10 a=rY13NUt1zvYA:10
a=Pli-nbMpJoEA:10 a=1VJp-WBcf-J7EjfV9OLN:22 a=zgOvFr3Wjpm6jes0aly8:22
a=aa3DgtA33DjNWkzrWxjJ:22 a=yiiqq336LVpqLalZzuXZ:22 a=NWVoK91CQySWRX1oVYDe:22
a=p-dnK0njbqwfn1k4-x12:22 a=_hyYNvADqARqR-FynfF2:22
MIME-version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/alternative;
Received: from chclmv0209.usdc2.oraclecloud.com ([])
by chclsmtp04.us2.oraclecloud.com
(Oracle Communications Messaging Server 64bit (built Jan 4
2018)) with ESMTP id <0PTW00CBNHMQTAC0@chclsmtp04.us2.oraclecloud.com> for
<redacted>@shaw.ca; Sun, 30 Jun 2019 07:18:26 +0000 (GMT)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2019 07:18:26 +0000 (UTC)
From: no-reply@pcid.ca
Sender: no-reply@pcid.ca
To: <redacted>@shaw.ca
Subject: Your code is 773162 / Votre code est : 773162
X-ORACLE-NOTIFICATION-RECIPIENT-ID: 2338d854-1294-41f8-a335-396c6ca963e0

I'm emailing pcid.ca about this as well since their dmarc setup is broken.

Can someone from Shaw Support comment on this? (eg. we'll fix this as we're partially at fault by doing <X> / won't fix. entirely not our problem )


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Re: Emails from PCid.ca always delayed by 15 minutes

Shaw Squad

Hello dcmbrown

Honestly can't say if this is something we would be able to fix, as it may not be on our side, however we can absolutely escalate this to be looked into. When you check the delay on the email, are you seeing this directly through Webmail, or are you using a 3rd party email client? 

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Re: Emails from PCid.ca always delayed by 15 minutes


This was directly through webmail in the browser. The email headers would be the same for either webmail or a 3rd party client however. I've discovered another way to turn off the 2-step verification without having to resort to talking to a human on the phone so as far as I'm concerned I've won over this situation.   Their support was unhelpful and simply closed the support ticket without actually attempting to respond to it or fix their dmarc configuration. I suspect it was very low level support and they didn't know what to do with the information.

Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Emails from PCid.ca always delayed by 15 minutes

Shaw Squad

Hey dcmbrown

Thanks for touching base on this. It is a little odd that there's a delay, especially if other emails come in quickly, so it's likely something failing on the senders side, possibly getting scanned and held, like you suggested above.  I suppose as long as it's not affecting you in a major way, we can mark this as resolved, but we'll keep an eye out for any similar issues from customers and see if there's a pattern we can find.

Hope you have a great day!

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