New to Shaw's Internet - Network design ??


Hey all...

Getting Shaw 300 installed on Thursday in my newly built 2 story (1600sq/ft).  Shaw was not my 1st choice as I am more familiar with Telus but they managed to mess up a fibre line and won't have service in the Calgary community of Legacy until May.   I want to make sure I am set with equipment and wonder if I need to get a wifi extender or another router to ensue I get the most out of the 300 package speeds throughout the entire home?

Anyone have any thoughts for me of perhaps a map of what they have done in a similar position?

I will be running 2 Xbox for the kids along with a gaming PC.   There will obviously be several phones/tablets running off wifi as well as a few Google Home devices.

Any help for me would be rewarded with good karma


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Re: New to Shaw's Internet - Network design ??

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Where to start is put the modem/router in the middle of your home if possible and check the signal in various places in your home and go from there..

If you have a wiring-panel where the modem 'needs' to go, consider getting your own router to put in the middle of the home, otherwise look at access points to connect in a couple places that already has network cable run.

There are a LOT of options and ways go get this done.  Don't know until some sort of site-survey is done on your home, which is usually easier after getting service, but it can be done before depending on what you have around.

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