Shaw Internet wifi Dropping


I looked at few posts where people have similar issues, it's been going on for months and could be longer.  Only noticed it when my kids started on the online learning and had connections dripped daily, few times.


My issues were very slow Wifi Speed, despite I have internet 300, it's super fast when I am sitting next to the modem, but 10 feet away it, the speed will drop significantly.  Shaw had me used extenders before.

It actually shows the wifi connection is good, at full bar, but keeps on dropping on my games on iPhone.

Shaw's been telling me there is some kind of interference going on in my house, maybe the wall etc...  I was told to get Pods, hoping to fix it, but before the Pods, I used 3rd party extenders already, but didn't help.

The crazy thing is, I asked Shaw technician that came to my house, to show me where the interference is, but was told, could be anything.  I did couple simply test.  unplugged all the pods, do a speediest to show the very poor speed result, and then power off the modem and power it back on, I will get 150gb download, on the very same spot,  couple minutes later, another speed test will show speed goes down to about 10, and 0.1, and then goes up to 3 or 4.

I don't know why the speed after restart always fast, but keeps on dropping,  the signal on the iPhone shows great, but actual speeds indicates not.  Changed cable, changed modem, all have the same issue.

The Pod seems to extend the range a little bit, but the speed is worse, because it actually limits my speed, always get around 10 MB/s which I am willing to take if it's consistent, but problem is it's the same.  I am guessing if the modem drops, the pods will drop too.  Crazy thing when I showed the tech, after I unplugged the pod, my speed is way faster, he asked why I use it?

Anyways, just want to share my experience, and it's very frusting, after 5 months, still not fix, and another tech is coming to try look for problem again.  The 6th tech, and after about 100 calls.




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-- My issues were very slow Wifi Speed, despite I have in...

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@JyL -- My issues were very slow Wifi Speed, despite I have internet 300, it's super fast when I am sitting next to the modem, but 10 feet away it, the speed will drop significantly. 

A few comments:

1. If your computer's WiFi network adapter uses the "Wireless N" protocol, its maximum speed is 150 Mbps. You need to use a "Wireless AC" adapter to go faster -- over 1300 Mbps, if you subscribe to Bell, which offers a top-speed of 1500 Mbps.

2. I think that you should get Shaw to replace their modem, because the WiFi signal should extend much further than 10 feet.

3. The "deterioration" in speed after restarting the modem seems to be another sign of a problematic modem.




Thanks for your comments. 1. By no mean, I am trying to g...


Thanks for your comments.

1. By no mean, I am trying to get 150MB, I am happy with 50 because I am on wifi, despite I have Internet 300.  But I usually get 20MB+, and it's continuously drop that's the issue, usually couple times in an hour.  I would not had noticed it, I always I had bad wifi, but when my kids started online class back in May, that's when I experienced drops few times every hours because the online sessions would be disconnected, and on all computers, not just one.

2. I used 3rd party extenders before, helped a little bit, but Shaw said they are no good, so I had to get rid of them and pay for the POD which proves to be useless.  

3. After talked to few techs that Shaw sent my way, said would help me fix my issue, they barely did anything, and one even said, the Shaw modem is garbage, even himself is not using it, he told me to go get a good router in BestBuy with antenna and it would help..

I had my own router, extenders before, and Shaw was the one told me to get rid of them and use their products which perform better than any of them but they seem all garbage to me now.





-- I am trying to get 150MB, I am happy with 50 because I...

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@JyL -- I am trying to get 150MB, I am happy with 50 because I am on wifi, despite I have Internet 300.


The maximum speed for "Wireless N" is 150 Mbit/second, but some WiFi adapters (and Shaw modems) support "bonding", namely using 2 channels to double the speed.

I wonder if you have an older "Wireless G" network adapter, that is limited to 56 Mbit/second ???

Do you have a friend with a fairly-new notebook computer, that would have a "Wireless AC" network adapter? That adapter should work up to 1300 Mbit/second -- much faster than your "Internet 300" connection.

Or, if you can use a "CAT-5e" or a "CAT-6" Ethernet cable from your computer to your cable-modem, what speed do you get? The Shaw Speed Test should show the 300 Mbit (not Mbyte) service that you are paying for.


Contact Shaw support, and get them to remotely logon to your cable-modem, to view the incoming "signal-strength". If that is not good, then Shaw should dispatch a technician to the outside of your home, to trouble-shoot. Bad signal-strength can cause "drop-out" of connections.


One bypass is to configure the cable-modem to be ONLY a cable-modem, instead of also being a "router". This is called "bridging" the modem -- like a bridge over a river, the traffic is carried, unchanged, from one side to the other.  Then, you would connect your own WiFi router to the "bridged" modem, and configure your WiFi devices to connect to it. The jury is still out whether the WiFi "inside" the cable-modem always has better coverage than the WiFi inside your own router - it depends on which model of router that you purchase.



@mdk,  Thanks for all your information, you are already m...


@mdk,  Thanks for all your information, you are already more helpful than the dozen of shaw technicians that I talked to.


I don't think there is anything wrong my adapter or wire issue or anything like that.  My house is new, so all the cables should be problem as per all the technicians came.  They checked the signals, Shaw said there were noise found, no sure what that was, but not directly from the pole to my modem, but they had me waited for 2 months, said that area wide noise might be the issue, and they were working on fixing it, which is why a problem from May, dragged on until now.


I have been doing speed test on a daily basis, at best time, I will have close to 300 gb download, and up to 60gb upload, maybe that's when I am little bit close to the modem, but desktop speed test, will give 160GB, which is at a fixed spot.  Those are the best result, the worse is down to 1 GB, but most the time, at around 15, and it's the continuously drops that's the issue.


I used ping tool, and on a 5 minutes, most the time, it's very close to 20ms, but there will be lost connections, not every 5 minutes, but 50% of the tests.    And most the ping test, there will be crazy 4000 ms, those numbers.


I am actually really fed up with shaw now, well, maybe this isn't a serious issues with everyone because I do get internet, but it's crazy when your kids are having online classes every day, and their sessions are disconnected couple times, and you had to contact the school, tutors, to reestablish the connections.

I literally called Shaw more than 100 times on this issues, the technicians on the phone seem to be always tried to help, but always follow the same protocol and tried to have me doing the same basis trouble shooting test with no results.  Asked for technicians, more than 10 came, but no solution offered, all said cable is good, signal is good, not sure what the issue is, the wall, which I showed them, there is no wall between the desktop and modem, ceiling, or interferences.  Which I showed them, power cycle the modem always improved the speed drastically, so there shouldn't be interference or ceiling or wall issues.

I asked for support supervisors, asked for better techs, and talked to 5 different supervisors, all said, would send senior techs, but all said the same thing, like others, I asked the senior tech, why?  He said, he is senior based on the years with Shaw, not skill>>>>


I asked for one last supervisor, and was told, he is supervising the team, doesn't mean he knows more than the front line tech which all told me nothing.  I asked him what else could be done, he said, all he could offer is another senior tech,  it's just like I have to try my luck for them to send a tech that can fix my issue.


I asked them to talk to a manager now, I wanted nothing more to deal with shaw, except I know Telus is also as bad, and even the most recent tech, told me, even his child complained internet at home despite he works for shaw.

Any idea how I can make a formal complaint on all the issues, all the supervisors said would make sure my problem is fixed, but nothing could be done, and I called back, asked to speak to the same supervisor again, I was told, on leave, tried to call me, no ring, can't leave voice mail, on numerous occasions.

I am just exhausted with them now.








Is your problem limited to wifi, could be interference? D...

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Is your problem limited to wifi, could be interference? Do you have any wired computers? 

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-- Any idea how I can make a formal complaint on all the...

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@JyL -- Any idea how I can make a formal complaint on all the issues

While reading this reply, scroll-down to see:


and click the "Your Voice" hyperlink, to send your feedback directly to Shaw.






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Basically yes, one of the shaw senior tech, said wifi is...


Basically yes, one of the shaw senior tech, said wifi is always bad, wired is better, so he suggested me to wire all connections to have good connection, but I was like, my phones, tablets, and even laptops, they don't have Ethernet cable option now.


And Shaw is the one pushing for wireless, I have my wired tv boxes before, they convinced me to change them wifi boxes, and they are having problems.


I don't know if interference is the reason, could be, so I wanted Shaw's tech to do whatever test they required.  And I tried to tell them what I did, the ping test result, they wouldn't listen, except kept on asking me to follow their standard protocol.  


One of tech, I showed him the bad signal on a speed test in front of him, unplug the power and waited for few minutes and did another test in front of him on the very same spot,  it's going back to normal, then after few more minutes, another test, bad again, and repeated the same action, didn't turn on anything else in the mean time or close anything.



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Can anyone read this and see if it's problem?  it's like...


Can anyone read this and see if it's problem?  it's like that most the time when I see network clogs, on the same test


Packet: 28 ttl = 118 time = 23.955 ms
Packet: 29 ttl = 118 time = 23.811 ms
Packet: 30 ttl = 118 time = 28.410 ms
Packet: 31 Request timed out
Packet: 32 ttl = 118 time = 369.471 ms
Packet: 33 ttl = 118 time = 27.284 ms

Packet: 91 ttl = 118 time = 95.829 ms
Packet: 92 ttl = 118 time = 23.117 ms
Packet: 93 ttl = 118 time = 31.070 ms
Packet: 94 ttl = 118 time = 23.218 ms
Packet: 95 ttl = 118 time = 25.038 ms
Packet: 96 ttl = 118 time = 24.274 ms
Packet: 97 ttl = 118 time = 35.953 ms
Packet: 98 Request timed out
Packet: 99 ttl = 118 time = 24.616 ms

Packet: 268 ttl = 118 time = 30.049 ms
Packet: 269 ttl = 118 time = 26.860 ms
Packet: 270 ttl = 118 time = 27.055 ms
Packet: 271 ttl = 118 time = 30.904 ms
Packet: 272 ttl = 118 time = 28.506 ms
Packet: 273 ttl = 118 time = 27.285 ms
Packet: 274 ttl = 118 time = 36.349 ms
Packet: 275 ttl = 118 time = 43.230 ms
Packet: 276 Request timed out
Packet: 277 ttl = 118 time = 930.947 ms
Packet: 278 Request timed out
Packet: 279 Request timed out
Packet: 280 ttl = 118 time = 338.567 ms
Packet: 281 ttl = 118 time = 40.322 ms
Packet: 282 ttl = 118 time = 215.992 ms
Packet: 283 ttl = 118 time = 51.405 ms
Packet: 284 ttl = 118 time = 50.236 ms
Packet: 285 ttl = 118 time = 28.862 ms
Packet: 286 ttl = 118 time = 44.232 ms
Packet: 287 Request timed out
Packet: 288 ttl = 118 time = 584.478 ms
Packet: 289 ttl = 118 time = 352.737 ms
Packet: 290 ttl = 118 time = 59.207 ms
Packet: 291 ttl = 118 time = 156.083 ms

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And forgot to answer your question on the wired connectio...


And forgot to answer your question on the wired connection too, I did manage to have one PC connected to a Ethernet cable, but not directly to the Shaw modem, There is one cable connected to the modem, linked to a hub in the panel, and I got the Ethernet cable connected to the hub there, and I am guessing it's good most games my kid played shows the ping and network issue, and it does, still, show network issue of sudden droppings, with the cable connection, just like the wifi, 

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