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Shaw Internet wifi Dropping


I looked at few posts where people have similar issues, it's been going on for months and could be longer.  Only noticed it when my kids started on the online learning and had connections dripped daily, few times.


My issues were very slow Wifi Speed, despite I have internet 300, it's super fast when I am sitting next to the modem, but 10 feet away it, the speed will drop significantly.  Shaw had me used extenders before.

It actually shows the wifi connection is good, at full bar, but keeps on dropping on my games on iPhone.

Shaw's been telling me there is some kind of interference going on in my house, maybe the wall etc...  I was told to get Pods, hoping to fix it, but before the Pods, I used 3rd party extenders already, but didn't help.

The crazy thing is, I asked Shaw technician that came to my house, to show me where the interference is, but was told, could be anything.  I did couple simply test.  unplugged all the pods, do a speediest to show the very poor speed result, and then power off the modem and power it back on, I will get 150gb download, on the very same spot,  couple minutes later, another speed test will show speed goes down to about 10, and 0.1, and then goes up to 3 or 4.

I don't know why the speed after restart always fast, but keeps on dropping,  the signal on the iPhone shows great, but actual speeds indicates not.  Changed cable, changed modem, all have the same issue.

The Pod seems to extend the range a little bit, but the speed is worse, because it actually limits my speed, always get around 10 MB/s which I am willing to take if it's consistent, but problem is it's the same.  I am guessing if the modem drops, the pods will drop too.  Crazy thing when I showed the tech, after I unplugged the pod, my speed is way faster, he asked why I use it?

Anyways, just want to share my experience, and it's very frusting, after 5 months, still not fix, and another tech is coming to try look for problem again.  The 6th tech, and after about 100 calls.




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