Technicolor XB6 Vs Arris XB6


Had the Arris XB6 for the first few months, occasionally I would time out on games. Was contacting support and they said this modem gets frequent updates, etc, and it was just not a stable modem even though they didn't want to admit it. The Arris XB6 was very unreliable for us gamers. I requested the technicolor XB6, and I've had it for a month, so far so good. Haven't had one timeout on any game and it's only randomly rebooted one time in the one month. So if you're having similar issues with the Arris, I'd request the technicolor as it's been almost flawless for me so far.

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Re: Technicolor XB6 Vs Arris XB6

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lol  I have been, just not sure how to actually get one...

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