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Can't get ShawPasspoint profile (Hotspot 2.0)



I can't get a ShawPasspoint configuration profile for my 7th Generation iPad (2019) running IOS  13.2.  I had no problems getting it set up on iPhone 6s (also running IOS 13.2).

I've done several factory resets to the device, as well as reset the network settings.  I've manually cleared the device in myShaw (and re-entered it) to no avail.

I can confirm that the iPad will pick up the Shaw Open wifi network at a hotspot, but I prefer the security of using the passpoint authentication protocol.

I've been through the forums, and cannot find any helpful answers.  I'm not interested in some moderator's cop-out answer that "the issue is with Apple."  If there's an issue between Apple devices and Shaw protocols, it's Shaw who needs to fix their system.

Can someone please get back to me with a solution, workaround, or at least a technical explanation of what the problem is?

Thanks in advance!

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Who Me Too'd this topic