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Blue Curve TV Constant Audio Dropouts and Video Freezing


We've had our Blue Curve TV for a couple weeks now and it's been a frustrating experience.  Video will pixelized so badly or freeze altogether and audio will cut out completely.  We only have 1 wireless box set up and it's no more than 4ft from the modem.  I have reset and spent hours with support and they've reset the modem and wireless box 8 different ways.  Nothing has improved the picture.  I finally tried plugging in the wireless box via ethernet and that does seem to have solved the issue of audio cutting out and overly pixelated video.  So I looked up the wifi signal with a wifi scanner app and the shaw wifi is on the same channel as a neighbour.  So I thought this would be a simple fix just change the channel of the wifi signal and I was told by support that this is not possible.  I mean this seems like a pretty major flaw if you can't change the channel of the wifi signal?  I have a 2nd wireless box for another room and that room can't be wired that easily so I was hoping to get the wireless part working but maybe its not possible?  SO far not impressed with this new system.

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Who Me Too'd this topic