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HUNT Continues to Display on My PVR Screen


This has been happening on and off for the past couple years.  Just when I think it's been rectified, it hasn't.  For the past couple weeks HUNT has been displaying on my PVR Screen nearly constantly.  

I've often tried all the tips suggested to me from the Shaw Chat staff such as unscrewing the coaxial cables followed by unplugging the PVR power cord for around 10 min's, then screwing the coaxial cables back in and plugging the power cord back in.   I tried these steps yet once again last night and no luck.  And now my PVR Guide has barely reloaded at all after nearly 24 hours since I did the unscrewing/unplugging thing last night.

Because of the covid-19 virus I don't want to have anyone come into my house and Shaw techs probably aren't providing this service now anyway due to the virus.  So.....has anyone figured out why the HUNT word continues to display on my PVR screen?  Thanks so much for any help.  

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Who Me Too'd this topic