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Did something change on the Gateway?


I bought a new Samsung 4K smart tv a few months ago. It found my Gateway box immediately when I plugged it into HDMI1 and everything worked fine from the Samsung remote. I could change channels and view the program guide all with the Samsung remote.
Then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago I'm watching Netflix and go back to the Home screen on the tv and the shortcut for the Shaw box was gone. I can get back to it now if I go through my Source menu on the tv but it shows as an unknown source and when I try to program the Samsung remote to it I'm not able to because Shaw doesn't show up as one of the providers on the list they show. Subsequently the Samsung remote won't change channels now will it show the Gateway program guide. It works fine with the Shaw remote but I've never been able to pair it with the tv so now I have to use the Shaw remote to change channels and the Samsung remote to change volume. I'm just not a big fan of having to use two remotes.
I know it may very well be a Samsung issue but wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue. So far I'm getting no help on the Samsung discussion board. 

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Who Me Too'd this topic