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Sound not syncing with picture


We have had Blue Sky since we moved to Qualicum Beach in August 2017 and have had nothing but problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Have called numerous times, had tech's out and the problem still persists. We have tried everything, changing boxes, power off and back on which fixes the problem for a short time but it always comes back. It was suggested the problem was with our Samsung TV (There are millions upon millions of Samsungs being used so I find that explanation hard to believe). I might accept as the cause other than the problem exists on our iPads using FreeRange TV. How is that possible, Free Range has nothing to do with the cable system.

Paying a lot of money for an inferior service, and as someone mentioned the support leaves something to be desired. You can't get though on the phone or Chat without an extremely long wait and now the option to leave a number for a call back has gone. 

Quite disappointed and hoping Shaw does something to rectify the problems they have with their cable system so we can enjoy what we are paying for rather than feeling we have to live with the problem.

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Who Me Too'd this topic