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Shaw sent my account to collections before payment due date


I have 2 Shaw accounts for different houses that I own.  In Oct I ended the services on one account.  On November 4th I received an email stating I owed $161.91 and payment was due on December 4th, 2021.

I received no other communications from Shaw regarding the cancelled account after the November 4th email.

On Dec 1st, I received a call from a collection’s agency regarding an unpaid $56.91.   Shaw sent me to collections before the Payment due date had arrived.

I spent several hours with multiple Shaw agents each requiring extensive conversations.  2 were often hostile to me and actively tried to convince me that I was at fault.  I had to send them a copy of my email showing the due date of Dec 4 before the agents backed down and agreed that it was Shaw’s error. 

The insane number of hours I have spent last night and today for Shaw’s 100% error is astonishing.  


  1.             I did nothing wrong.
  2.             As per Shaw's email Nov 4, payment was not due until Dec 4. 
  3.             Shaw did not send any communications after Nov 4 stating that my account was being sent to collections and made no attempts to contact me.
  4.             I am still an active customer with Shaw on a linked autopay account and yet Shaw thought the best course of action was to send my account to collections before the money was due.
  5.             Shaw choose to potentially negatively impact an active customer’s credit rating for years to come over $56.91 that wasn’t due yet.
  6.             The burden to demonstrate Shaw’s complete incompetence fell on me and is now also on me to ensure my credit is not negatively impacted.

This is a gross example of customer service, systems and processes, and Shaw is displaying a fundamental lack of understanding of reasonable compensation for their mistakes.  I paid every bill on time, yet Shaw believed that it was reasonable to send my account to collections agency and impact my credit score over $56. 

Other then cancelling my current services, how can a consumer hold Shaw accountable for the time and energy I have had to spend because of their mistakes?

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