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Pixelation with Shaw HD Channels


I have an issue that popped up in the last week after Shaw made their internet upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps.

Since the upgrade, I have both an HD box and the XB6 modem coming off of a splitter in one room. Since the upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps, what I have noticed is ongoing pixelation with the HD box feed to my TV.

Trying to troubleshoot, I have tried the following:

-Power cycling my modem and my HD box;

-Replacing the splitter with a new splitter;

-Replacing the two coax lines from the splitter to the HD box and the XB6.

Unplugging the modem actually solves the TV pixelation problem, but once the modem reconnects to the Shaw network, the pixelation returns. My internet service no matter what is 656mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream. So, internet is unaffected.

I am either thinking this is an interference issue with the coax or the signal might not be strong enough, but I don't know enough to determine if that is the issue. Other televisions in the home are unaffected by the modem being plugged in; it is only this one that is connected to the same splitter the modem is connected to.

When I had the 300mbps plan before the upgrade, I had no pixelation.

Hoping a Shaw rep spots this question.


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