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Issue with Shaw Bluecurve TV Video Routed Through AV Receiver


Hello. I'm having issues routing my Shaw Bluecurve TV video through my Panasonic AV Receiver to my Samsung 4K TV. Note:

- The receiver is several years old and only able to handle 1080p HD. I realize the Shaw 4K feed to the TV is not an option via the AV Receiver. 

- The receiver works fine directing a Blueray DVD feed to the TV. 

- When I connect the Bluecurve box directly to the TV, the feed is fine and I have complete control and access to all Bluecurve functionality.

- With the Bluecurve connected directly to the TV, I update the Bluecurve box to output only 1080p HD. I then connect the Bluecurve feed to the AV Receiver input, and the TV to the AV Receiver output. The TV receives no picture or sound from the Bluecurve.

- When I reboot the Bluecurve box by removing and reinserting the power cord, the WELCOME message shows up on the TV but nothing more after this but a blue screen. After a minute or so the blue screen is replaced by a black screen (no signal). No change.

- I reconfigured HDMI-CEC in the TV for the Shaw Bluecurve and Panasonic AV receiver. No change.

- I utilized an alternate HDMI input on the AV Receiver in case the original HDMI input was the problem. No change.

- I replaced the HDMI cable between the Bluecurve and the AV Receiver. No change.

- Shaw Support was here and replaced the Bluecurve box. On a previous phone call, Shaw support did a reboot and all looks fine from your end. No change.

QUESTION: It would seem the problem is the AV Receiver. However, if this is the case, why is the Shaw Bluecurve box able to display the WELCOME message on the TV through the AV Receiver? The AV Receiver is having no issues routing the Blueray DVD video to the TV, suggesting the AV Receiver is working fine. Is there any other configuration options I need to check or change to troubleshoot further? Replacing my AV Receiver worth $1,000 is not an option unless I can fully understand why this problem exists and why I've been unable to resolve it to this point. Thank you! 

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