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Alternating Error messages trying to log in to webmail on Desktop


I'm finding it impossible to log in to webmail on my desktop all of a sudden and not sure why. I frequently get the 'unable to communicate' error, so I'm used to dealing with that, and cleared my cookies etc as I normally do when that happens. However, I'm still getting that error, and it's alternating between that and another saying invalid email or password. The thing is, I use autocomplete for my login details and it's always worked before, and it's using the same login details as usual.

The strangest part is that I can log in just fine on my iPhone, with the same credentials I'm using on desktop, so I know it's not genuinely the login details, so I've been left genuinely puzzled as to how to  fix the problem, or what it is.

I'm on Windows 11, and normally use Chrome, but I've tested in both Chrome and Firefox and get the same error on both, with no issues at all on my iPhone. Have cleared cookies and cache and had no luck. I'm not sure what could have changed between it working fine last night and not working today, but I'm clueless.

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