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Problems with CTV Calgary


For the third day in a row, when I am on CTV Calgary, my picture will start to loop i.e. it stops, rewinds a second or two, plays for a second, rewinds, and so on. This will go on for a while until I intervene and no, I am NOT sitting on the remote  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other times I will switch to this channel (#104 here in Calgary) but just see a blank screen. I can switch to other channels no problem but when I go back to 104, I just get the blank screen.

I have two Xi6-A bluecurve receiver boxes and these issues occur on both.

Sometimes cold booting the receiver box will solve the issue but not always.

I have had the Bluecurve setup for a number of years and these issues just started happening recently.

Anyone else experiencing these same issues?

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Who Me Too'd this topic