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Intermittent Packet Loss (Unresolved since June)


I've posted before and have has 3 tech visit since June. Refer here:


Packet Loss remains an issue. Specifically and especially on Thursday, 4am-10am and then again at 6-10pm. Same "we don't see anything" from Shaw. Literally showed the Senior tech the issue happening LIVE in his face with lagging websites, failed DSLReports Ping Test (all F scores) and he gave me a robotic response of "I don't see anything your levels look fine". When I asked him what he would do in my situation he said that he wouldn't know and that he "wouldn't get worked up about it because nothing in this world is perfect". Insulting response to say the least. He literally just drove to my place to tell me he didn't see anything and just left. Didn't use any of his tools or anything, just came to deliver the same bullcrap message.

Smoke ping shows severe packet loss still on Thursday. I have actually consulted with other neighbors in my condo building and they've reported noticing poor performance as of late, although they don't game so they don't notice it to the same degree. For things like Netflix or browsing, an intermittent lag spike or PL for a 5-10 sec duration would be more difficult to notice since videos buffer ahead. For anything that requires persistent connection, VoIP and games, the effects are disastrous. In any case, they've noticed it as well but chalked it up as "Shaw having a bad moment" but didn't think it was bad enough to call in.

I'm not going to run any of the suggested Shaw tests as I've learned they are primitive and incapable of capturing the impact of intermittent Packet loss. Ping test won't show many dropped packets as it feels the interval is too long. I will only be willing to provide results from superior applications like Ping Plotter or Smoke Ping results. Sick of using tools that give Shaw an excuse to not take action.


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