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blue sky XiD-P portal will not work with remote


spent quite a bit of time with Shaw chat and direct call trying to fix my issue.  The small box xid will not allow pairing with the remote.   Was sent to get a new remote and problem still exists.   

Tried the Hold setup, wait for green light , press shaw button......green flashes on and off for a long time but no boxes on the screen and no pairing.  Tried all the generic troubleshooting with the online and voice techs with no resolve.

I can use my tv volume buttons with the remote XR11 but I am stuck watching one tv channel.   The main box XG1 V3 works like a charm and I have even tried swapping boxes into the others locations and mixed and matched all remotes  with no luck.    

The tech on the phone says that the small portal does not seem to be online.....Weird that I can watch the channel that it is stuck on....   Repair person is coming today to check it out so I will keep you posted.

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