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IP address blocked and cannot access CRA log-in ! Want to change it. Help ??


Hi,  I have finally found out why I can no longer log-in to the CRA website to My Account and to also Represent a Client(my family) - my IP address with Shaw has been put on blacklists.  We do not do any dodgy things on the web to start this happening, and I have identified this to be the problem by using the same laptop and systems to access their web-site from a friend who also uses Shaw for her ISP.

Another strange issue has arisen where a local business has been trying to send me an invoice for several weeks and the email never comes through from her company.  I even emailed her and said to attach it to her reply..... NOTHING !!!

Clearly it is not at all convenient to drive several miles when I want to log onto a government site - so what can I do, please SHAW TEAM.   Thanks.

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Who Me Too'd this topic