Learn more about the On Now feature of the HD Guide. The On Now feature allows you to view lists containing programs that fall within a certain category, such as Movies, Sports, or News.

An On Now list acts as a filter, removing all programming that is not included in the selected category so that you only browse through the type of programming that you want to see. This filter can be easily deactivated if you would like to return to the default view of all of the available channels in your package.

Categories / Filters

Categories are provided as the starting point for filters. Categories include: Trending, Movies, Sports, Kids, Reality, Comedy, Drama, and News. If selected, Trending will display popular programs currently being viewed by others. For the other categories, the channels and programs in your channel lineup are automatically predefined and marked, so when you apply a filter the guide will automatically populate a list of matching content results.



How to apply an On Now List

To apply an On Now list follow these steps:

  1. Press the "A" button on your Shaw Remote to access the Quick Menu
  2. Select On Now by pressing the OK button
  3. Scroll down to the category you would like to apply and press OK
  4. A Quick Bar will appear at the bottom of your screen which displays all of the channels and programs matching the filters in the chosen On Now filter
  5. Press the 157169_pastedImage_14 arrow buttons on your Shaw Remote to highlight a program or channel from the Quick Bar and then press OK.

How to navigate an On Now list

To navigate your On Now list (when a filter is active):

  1. Press the up button 157171_pastedImage_15 to display the Quick Bar containing a horizontal list of programs and channels which match your filter
  2. Press the 157172_pastedImage_14 buttons on your Shaw Remote to select another program or channel in the List, and then press OK to complete your selection
  3. Press the up button 157171_pastedImage_15 twice: displays both the Quick Menu, along with a scrollable box, providing easy access to other On Now lists

How to disable an active On Now list

Follow these steps to disable an active On Now list.

  1. Press the up arrow button 157175_pastedImage_15 twice to display the Quick Menu
  2. Select Stop On Now from the box that appears above the Quick Menu

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