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How To: Access TV Parental Controls

This page will give you quick information on your equipment's Parental Controls. Parental Controls By configuring the Parental Controls settings on your equipment, you can lock programming according to its TV or Movie rating, channel number, or progr... Read more

How To: Connect your HD Guide TV Player

This article will help you set up and activate your Shaw TV Player (DCX 3200-M or DCX 3510-M HDPVR). If you are setting up a BlueCurve TV Player, click here. Or if you are setting up a wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player, click here. What’s included A re... Read more

About: Legacy TV box upgrade program

In order to provide you with the best TV experience possible, we’re streamlining our TV hardware product offerings. Some of our legacy TV boxes are nearing the end of their life cycle and will be retired, meaning TV programming will no longer be acce... Read more

How do I program my BlueCurve TV remote control?

You want to program your BlueCurve TV remote so that you can enable the "aim anywhere" functionality. After ensuring that your remote control has batteries and that your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) is turned on, you can program your remote using RF p... Read more

How do I connect and activate my Shaw HD digital box?

You have received a Shaw HD Digital box and are looking to connect and activate your HD digital cable box. Install the equipment with the steps included in your HD Digital Box instructions. Log into My Shaw Click the TV option from My Services from t... Read more

How do I troubleshoot an unresponsive digital box?

If your cable box is unresponsive and not responding to your remote control: Troubleshoot your unresponsive digital box by locating and unplugging the power cable. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable to the digital box. Wait approximately 1... Read more

How do I get a replacement remote mailed out?

If you require a replacement remote for your Shaw digital box but are unable to make it to a Shaw retail location: You can contact us to have a replacement control mailed out to you. Prior to contacting us, please identify the type of remote that you... Read more

How to reseat your cable connection to your digital box

If you are experiencing a poor channel signal on your TV or the channel is not coming in but was previously available you may only need to simply adjust the cable connection. Reseating a cable connection is usually the first step in troubleshooting m... Read more

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