Learn how to report Guide errors that are appearing on your legacy Shaw Digital Box. If you have discovered an error on your cable box guide you can let us know by reporting the guide error, by visiting here!

Reporting Guide errors

Between the time a broadcaster’s programming schedule is initially received and when a specific program actually airs, TV networks can sometimes make changes to their schedules. These changes are usually communicated to Shaw so we can update our guide listings to reflect the new programming information.
However, broadcasters sometimes make these scheduling changes “on the fly”, leaving no time to update the programming and scheduling information in our guide listings. Both Rogers and our TV broadcaster partners recognize that guide listing errors can be frustrating for our customers, who rely on our interactive guide to find the shows they want to watch.
If you find an incorrect listing in your interactive guide, we want to know about it! Feedback from customers on guide listing errors provides us with the opportunity to work with our TV broadcast partners to ensure that we’re kept informed of any future changes to their broadcast schedule and allows us to keep our guide listings as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

To report an error in the guide, please reach out to us here.

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