Hayu is the first reality TV subscription service of its kind where you can watch thousands of commercial free episodes on demand with content becoming available the same day as in the US. This article covers how to access Hayu content on Ignite TV 

Note: A Shaw or Rogers Internet subscription is required to use apps on Ignite TV (formerly BlueCureve TV) or Ignite Streaming (formerly Shaw Stream).


To access and watch Hayu content on Ignite TV, it is required to have:

Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming

A Hayu membership

  • For more information about Hayu, visit hayu.com/shaw.
  • Note: Billing for Hayu is handled by Hayu and is not part of your Shaw or Rogers bill.

Shaw or Rogers Internet subscription

  • Browse our Internet plans at shaw.ca/internet.
  • Note: Watching Hayu content on Ignite TV counts toward your monthly Internet data usage.

How to find Hayu content

You can find Hayu content on Ignite TV by searching for a specific show using the voice remote, or you can search within the app.

With the Ignite TV voice remote, say something like

  • “Hayu”
  • “Vanderpump Rules”
  • “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
  • “Million Dollar Listing Las Vegas”
  • “Backyard Envy”
  • “Southern Charm”

If you are subscribed and logged in, your Ignite TV will show Hayu as a free to me option.

Launch Hayu from the Ignite TV Apps menu

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote.
  2. Select Apps from the menu.
  3. Select Hayu (in the Featured or Video row).

Launch Hayu from the Ignite Streaming Apps menu

  1. Press the Home button on your Ignite Streaming voice remote.
  2. Select Hayu from the Apps menu.

Once you're in the Hayu App, everything will be available to you. You can browse by Featured, Where you left off, Fresh from the US, A-Z, Playlists, and Trending.


How to sign up and login to Hayu

How to sign up

  1. Go to hayu.com/shaw.
  2. Follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Proceed to log in.

How to log in

  1. Launch the Hayu App on your Ignite TV (with your voice remote or from the apps menu)
  2. From the Hayu home bar, select Sign In.
  3. A pairing code will come up on your TV.
  4. Next, you'll have to log in to your Hayu account to pair your TV box.
    1. On your mobile device or computer, go to hayu.com and click Sign In to access your account.
    2. Under My Account, select Pair TV Apps.
    3. Enter the code shown on your TV in to the Hayu website.
  5. A "Device Added" message will show on your TV screen.

You're now logged in and can access Hayu content through Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming!


If you're having trouble using Hayu on Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming, read the following support article for troubleshooting tips:

Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on Ignite TV

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a subscription to watch "Included with Hayu” content? 

Yes, since Hayu is a subscription service, you will need to sign up and sign in to access the app and its content.  If you don’t have a subscription you can sign up at hayu.com/shaw. Please see hayu.com/shaw for promotional offers.

How do I login if my subscription is through Amazon?

You will need a Hayu subscription through Hayu to use it through your Ignite TV App.

How many simultaneous streams can I have?

Hayu only allows one stream at a time through devices.  

Will Hayu subscriptions appear on my bill?  

No. All billing for Hayu on Ignite TV is managed by Hayu and will not be billed via your monthly bill. Any billing-related questions should be directed to Hayu customer support.

Can I find Hayu content within the Ignite TV library?

Yes, you can find and play any reality TV show offered from Hayu through voice search or content search. Hayu content will not show up in the Ignite TV guide.

Will streaming Hayu on Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming count towards my monthly Internet data usage?  

Yes, Hayu is delivered over your Internet service to your Ignite TV Player. Hayu will be subject to the rules, terms and conditions that govern Ignite Internet service, including any data usage plans that may apply.

Is any Hayu content available in 4K?   

All content on hayu is available in High Definition (HD) and will stream at 1080p. There is no 4K UHD or HDR content available with hayu.

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