Learn how to manage Power Preferences and how to use the Power Saver option in Ignite TV to reduce the amount of energy your Ignite TV digital box uses. The Power Saver feature allows you to set energy savings mode and restart options that help conserve the amount of energy being used by your cable box.

Power Preferences

You can get your wired Ignite Entertainment Box to automatically go into Power Saver mode by setting a four-hour timer for power savings feature through Power Preferences in Device Settings.

  1. Press the SHAW button on the remote control
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) using the arrow buttons and press OK
  3. Use the down arrow to highlight Device Settings and press OK
    Device Settings
  4. Use the down arrow button to highlight Power Preferences and press OK
    Power Prefences
  5. You will have two options to choose from:
    • Power Saver -  this will power down your TV Player. You will be presented with a confirmation screen
    • Restart – after you click this option you will be presented with a confirmation screen
  6. Press EXIT to return to programming

Note: A wireless Ignite Entertainment Box will go into Power Saver mode when the POWER button on the remote control is pushed.

Power Saver FAQs

Find additional insight on the Power Saver feature of Ignite TV with our frequently asked questions.

Will my recordings still work if my TV Player (XG1v3) is in Power Saver mode?

Yes, Power Saver will not impact the core background services provided by your TV box such as recording your favourite TV programs or sporting events.

How much energy will be saved by using the Power Saver feature?

Your energy consumption and energy savings depend on how much time your Ignite TV device is in Power Saver mode and what power-saving activities are going on in the background (such as scheduled recordings).

Should I turn my TV Player (XG1v3) off when I am finished watching TV?

Yes, power savings depend on how much time the device is in Power Saver mode. It is recommended that to maximize your savings, always put your TV Player (XG1v3) in Power Saver mode.

How come my remote control won’t turn off my wired TV Player (XG1v3)?

Because the remote communicates with the TV and TV box using different signaling technologies, one device would sometimes get turned off while the other was turned on. You can turn the TV box off using the Power button on the front panel.

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