Starting October 15, 2019, we’re updating the names of BlueSky TV and the FreeRange TV app. BlueSky TV is now BlueCurve TV, and the FreeRange TV app is now the BlueCurve TV App.

We’re making this change to streamline our products as part of the BlueCurve experience. This does not change the way you watch TV at home, or while on the go. You can continue to enjoy the same great features with BlueCurve TV and the BlueCurve TV App.

See our frequently asked questions below to learn more.



I’m already subscribed to BlueSky TV. Do I need to change anything to get BlueCurve TV?

No. If you’re an existing BlueSky TV subscriber, you’re already setup for BlueCurve TV. There’s no need to contact us or change anything at your end.

What are the benefits of BlueCurve TV?

Watch what you want, when you want, where you want. All your entertainment is in one place with BlueCurve TV.

  • Netflix, YouTube and Crave TV are all fully integrated into the BlueCurve TV experience.
  • All your content is within reach, and with our easy-to-use voice powered remote you can sift through hundreds of shows and On Demand titles in an instant.
  • Get in-depth sports stats without taking your eyes off the game with the built-in sports app.
  • The Kids Zone has detailed ratings for kids' content with parental control locks to keep your kids safe.
  • Our sleek wireless 4K BlueCurve Player lets you place your TV anywhere.

What are the benefits of the BlueCurve TV App?

Access your favourite TV shows anywhere – live and On Demand.

  • Watch live sports on-the-go so you never miss a game.
  • With On Demand kids shows, the whole family can stay entertained.
  • When paired with BlueCurve TV in your home, the app allows you to access and download your recorded shows from anywhere – at the airport, on the bus or just relaxing in the park.

How do I know if I have BlueCurve TV?

As an existing Shaw BlueSky TV subscriber, your product has been renamed to BlueCurve TV. If you’re subscribed to BlueSky TV, you’ll notice the logo has changed in your guide and now says BlueCurve TV.

If you’ve previously installed the FreeRange TV app on your mobile device, the name of that app will now be Shaw TV on your home screen, with a BlueCurve icon. 


I’m already subscribed to BlueSky TV. Do I have to pay more to use BlueCurve TV?

No. BlueCurve TV is an updated name and does not affect the cost of your existing TV package.

Why am I still seeing BlueSky TV on my TV?

This update starts on October 15, 2019, but may take a few days to reach everyone. You should notice the changes within a week. If nothing has changed within a week, please try restarting your BlueCurve TV Player.

Why am I still seeing the FreeRange TV app on my mobile device?

The update to FreeRange TV starts on October 16, 2019. The app on your device will update on its own—the name will change to Shaw TV with a BlueCurve Icon. If it hasn’t changed over, you can try updating the app manually on your mobile device.


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