Adequate Wifi strength for Ignite TV service


We have been told that there is no longer a coax service for Ignite TV for customers converting from Shaw Arris TV Gateway coax HDTV service. 

How do we check the wifi strength in various areas of our home is adequate for strong Ignite HDTV service.

We currently have coax connected TV gateway devices.  Our older home has faraday cage issues due to wire mesh / stucco in some of inside walls of our home. I expect many larger concrete home and concrete condos may have similar issues. 

Before switching from out current coax TV Gateway service to Ignite wifi TV service, we need to ensure that the wifi will be adequate for HDTV services.  We currently have wifi challenges with Shaw Ignite Internet and pods in some area of our home. 


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You would probably need a meter to measure the wifi signa...

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@tc10  You would probably need a meter to measure the wifi signal, or an app for your phone.

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- what cable-modem do you currently have, and what cable-...

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@tc10 - what cable-modem do you currently have, and what cable-modem do you expect to have after switching?

The current Shaw (before Rogers) cable-modems are XB6 & XB7 & XB8.  Each of them have Ethernet outputs, i.e., to directly connect a desktop computer.

The latest cable-modem claims to offer "whole-home" WiFi coverage.  So, what signal-strength do your current WiFi-enabled devices (smart-phone, notebook computer, et cetera) get at your "worst" location (most walls furthest away from the cable-modem). Run the Shaw Speed Test at that location, to see the actual speed that you get.

Your Mileage May Vary.  🙂

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