Arris Gateway Cable Box Freezing


This past September, Shaw replaced our 1st generation Gateway TV box as it was unable to accept code updates. We chose to replace it with a 2nd generation Arris as we could continue to use our Shaw Extender (reformatted of course) for recordings.

In the last month or so we have experienced the box freezing between 9 and 9:30 p.m. on more than two occasions, but less than a half dozen if I recall correctly.

Twice I have had chat sessions with Shaw for them to ping the box. The other occasions, as recently as last night, I powered down the cable box and internet modem to reboot and restart the service.

I can't believe that this brand new box has a fault, but I am curious as to the code that Shaw is sending or whether their bandwidth isn't sufficient to handle a mass push of updates to all cable boxes.

Has any one else had similar experiences?


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Shaw only has refurb Gateways now, so you wouldn’t have r...

Grand Master

Shaw only has refurb Gateways now, so you wouldn’t have received a brand new box. It is likely that the replacement is faulty. 

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