Blue Curve Player Xi6 stopped sleeping.


I have had two blue curve Xi6 boxes since Nov. 2019, having replaced an old PVR box. One is connected to a TV and one is connected to a monitor, which is also connected to a computer. The Xi6 box that was connected to the monitor used to sleep and would stop sending a signal to the monitor which would also sleep. This worked without  fail between November 2019 and February 2021. Flawlessly. Either the box would sleep after a time or I could tell it to sleep and the monitor would go to sleep. Then, early one morning in February 2021  I found the monitor on with some completely unnecessary screensaver glowing away. From that point on, “sleep” means screensaver and an always on monitor. This takes over the monitor rendering auto input selection all can do is unplug the Xi6 or turn off the monitor, which never necessary until now. Shaw support told me this is just how it always has been, that sleep is the screensaver which is simply not true. I was advised that I must have changed something on the monitor. Not so. I suspect there was a system “upgrade” at the time the box stopped sleeping. Now instead of sleep I get stills from Game of Thrones blithering away. It’s completely unacceptable. Anyone else had this happen ?

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It sounds like your Power Saver setting may have been tog...


@louiseines It sounds like your Power Saver setting may have been toggled to 'off', follow the steps here to turn that setting on. 

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