Bluecurvetv.shaw.ca web app could not connect


I'm having trouble getting the web app to connect on my laptop. I don't get the screen with the blue loading circle where it asks me to allow flash to work. I just a black screen with nothing on it before it loads the screen below in the picture.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled both firefox and chrome browsers.

I've reset both the modem and router...more times than I can count.

It was working on Friday night (June 26) and for the last two days (June 27 and June 28) has not worked at all.

I do not have a VPN turned on.

I'm am on a laptop and wired in. My wifi is too weak to even try running web tv without massive lag.

The app works on both my phone and tablet.

Anyone got any suggestions?


2020-06-28 14.35.21.jpg

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I've been experiencing this same issue as well since earl...


I've been experiencing this same issue as well since early Saturday morning, and have notified Shaw tech support via phone call about it. I unfortunately spent up to 30 minutes on the phone with the support rep 'til they were convinced that there was indeed a problem and have issued a ticket for someone at Shaw support to look into it. It's frustrating as I use the web app all the time to watch my recorded programs and live channels. I sure hope they'll be a fix for this soon.

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