Internet bandwidth for Ignite TV devices in home? vs our internet devices?


We current have Shaw Arris TV Gateway and terminals on coax in our home along with Ignite Internet wifi service for our computers, etc.

When we switch over to Ignite TV, does it use part of our Ignite Internet bandwidth or does Shaw/Rogers add more bandwidth for the Ignite TV service? I an interested whether Ignite TV competes with my own devices for my limited Ignite Internet bandwidth in our home? and what gets priority?

I see people mentioning Ignite TV service problems and want to ensure that we have d=adequate bandwidth for our devices as well as our HDTVs... 

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“The Ignite WiFi Gateway modem uses a portion of the 5GHz...

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@tc10  “The Ignite WiFi Gateway modem uses a portion of the 5GHz WiFi band, but should not have any effect on the performance of your Internet service”

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