-- the start/stop times of programs are supplied to Shaw/...

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@GolferGirl -- the start/stop times of programs are supplied to Shaw/Rogers by an "outsourced" company that receives this information from the TV broadcasters.  One hopes that this information is correct.

Also, any "live" programs can "run long" (Oscars, sports) -- continuing into "overtime" -- past their scheduled end-time.  When you program your PVR to record, you have the option to end the recording "late" (1 or 5 or 15 or ..) minutes of extra time.  Are you doing that for your recordings?

Another possible problem exists if the "clock" inside the PVR is not correctly set.  If it happens to be "5 minutes fast", it will start a recording 5 minutes early, and stop recording 5 minutes before the scheduled end.  Sometimes, a complete power-off/power-on of the PVR will force the clock to be refreshed to receive the correct time.  Of course, if the provider of that "time" is giving wrong information, then contact the provider (Shaw or Rogers or Telus or bell) for them to reset their "time-server" system.


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