Switching to BlueCurve Boxes


Hi there, I had recently contacted customer service in regards to pricing and part of the discussion was switching from my 3510 and 2 3400's, to 3 xg1v4's, if I renewed my plan early. The rep on chat indicated that it would be 1 Xg1v4 and two Xid units. Not 3 of the Xg1v4. Also, they indicated that it would be $5 a month for having 3 units, instead of the allotted 2. I will definitely not renew at any time in the future, if they don't throw a 3rd unit in at no charge i.e. waive the $5 for the duration of the new term. 

Now from others experience, is it normal for them to only offer 1 v4 and 2 other Xid units? Has anyone every gotten multiple Xg1v4 units?


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