Turn off automatic keypad backlight for XR11 remote


Is there any keypad sequence I can press to disable the backlight for the keypad from turning on automatically on my BlueCurve XR11 remote?

Compared to the other remotes in my house that are the exact same model, mine gets very poor battery life, and I believe it's likely related to the fact that the remote is usually sitting next to me where I'm sitting and the backlight is getting activated anytime I move, which is often.

I figure there's got to be some hidden sequence of keys that could be pressed to disable the backlight from activating when it senses movement, and if there isn't, that's pretty short sighted of the developers at Comcast Xfinity. I've searched a bit and have come up empty other than lots of other people wanting the same ability. So I'm hoping someone might know some trick, since it does have the ability to change the skip length of the PgUp/Down buttons, but I am doubtful.

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@Emutter unfortunately, that is not a feature that we are aware of. The backlight shouldn't be draining your batteries that much. I'd recommend swapping the remote as it might be faulty or use higher capacity batteries to extend the use time.

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