youtube on bluesky question - Profiles ?

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Hey there 

 As you know on Bluesky you can use voice search that makes youtube pretty cool.. Some users have youtube profiles set up , for example my wife's is full of make up reviews :eyerolls is there away during the search process to have videos I'm interested in load in my profile and hers in hers ? I'm not interested in foundation and eyebrows on mine 


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Re: youtube on bluesky question - Profiles ?


Hey phantom0767676,

Thank you for reaching out! I am sorry for the delay in response. The forums aren't monitored as closely as our other support channels. BlueSky TV will access the Youtube account that was last signed in (on all main BlueSky TV and portals). You will need to manually sign out and switch users as per the details here. Otherwise, the foundation and eyebrow videos will still show up 

Hope that helps,

Tony | Community Mod.

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