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Shaw Calendar Stopped Syncing on Android

My Shaw Calendar has stopped syncing with my Android (Galaxy S8) over a month ago. I have tried removing the account from my phone (including logging in to Webmail and deleting my device from Mobile Devices tab) and re-installing it (set-up with Acti... Read more

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Dedicated 2 separate Wi-Fi connections with Bluecurve

When we first had the Bluecurve gateway installed two years ago, the technician set our household up to have two dedicated Wi-Fi lines; a 2.4 GHz and 5G one. He told us he was doing that so that we could specifically pick one of the two lines dependi... Read more

BlueCurve TV internet connection

at this time i need to have Adobe Flash allow Blue Curve TV to watch it on my computer. I got a notice from Microsoft that Adobe will not be supported starting December 2020, I am wondering how am I going to be able to continue watching Blue Curve on... Read more

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Aug 2020 Internet 300 Renewal Pricing

For those that have recently renewed what pricing did you get on a two-year plan? I renew in October and they have committed to $89/mo plus tax. That’s way up from the $59 I was paying but I understand things go up. Let me know what if any deal you g... Read more

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Pod Troubleshooting

Hi: found this morning that wifi speeds were in the 400 Kbps range for any device on a pod. I restarted the BlueCurve Gateway, pods, and all devices. No change. These same devices connected via wifi directly to the Gateway are getting 150-300 Mbps sp... Read more

Liftmaster Internet Gateway connection problems

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had issues like me. I currently have Shaw internet 150 with a Hitron CGNM 2250 modem that is In bridge mode and then the tplink deco m5 routers. I went to install a liftmaster gateway to control my garage do... Read more


My Shaw App, ‘visual display’ issues . . ..

Hi Shaw support community. I’ve not been able to use my ‘My Shaw’ app for possibly 3 months. This is how it now appears when I open my app making it impossible to even ‘sign in’, let alone actually make use of it’s supposed amazing ‘functionality, lo... Read more

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wifi and cell phone apps

I have shaw internet in my suite (basement suite), and my phone apps will not work on the wifi, so I am burning up cell data everytime I want to get on wifi to look up something on my phone. Any suggestions? as to what needs to be done to clear this ... Read more

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