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Silex Tec F-22A

I am seeing devices connecting to my network of late. Anyone familiar with Silex Tex. I paused this device and others I didn’t recognize then my iPad starting disconnecting from the wifi.Suggestions. Read more

Shaw outgoing webmail server

Hia friends,I am hoping for some assistance. Searching has shown similar issues but no clear resolution. About a week ago webmail applications on my phone have been unable to send emails from my shaw account.I have attempted to use several different ... Read more

Removing Shaw Communications Passport on iOS

I have this Shaw Communications Passpoint that I can't seem to remove? I don't have the passport profile anymore but there's no option to remove it under "Managed Networks". I tried resetting the Network settings on iOS too...Any idea how to get rid ... Read more

Outlook mobile on iOS

I've been trying to setup Microsoft Outlook mobile on my iphone and keep getting connection errors... Is there a step by step guide on how to setup Outlook mobile on iOS?Thanks Read more

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