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Pod Troubleshooting

Hi: found this morning that wifi speeds were in the 400 Kbps range for any device on a pod. I restarted the BlueCurve Gateway, pods, and all devices. No change. These same devices connected via wifi directly to the Gateway are getting 150-300 Mbps sp... Read more

Liftmaster Internet Gateway connection problems

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had issues like me. I currently have Shaw internet 150 with a Hitron CGNM 2250 modem that is In bridge mode and then the tplink deco m5 routers. I went to install a liftmaster gateway to control my garage do... Read more


My Shaw App, ‘visual display’ issues . . ..

Hi Shaw support community. I’ve not been able to use my ‘My Shaw’ app for possibly 3 months. This is how it now appears when I open my app making it impossible to even ‘sign in’, let alone actually make use of it’s supposed amazing ‘functionality, lo... Read more

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wifi and cell phone apps

I have shaw internet in my suite (basement suite), and my phone apps will not work on the wifi, so I am burning up cell data everytime I want to get on wifi to look up something on my phone. Any suggestions? as to what needs to be done to clear this ... Read more

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What is Shaw Mobile HotSpot

I live in a residential area. I just saw a new network on my wifi list.What is Shaw Mobile HotSpot? See it in list below. This is recently added by ? Read more

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Upgrading modem only showing 5G on some devices.

Had tech support walk me through installation. Everything was working fine. Tried a few websites as requested by tech. No issues, although I was sitting directly beside modem when I tried them. My son was downstairs with me during installation, and f... Read more

Shaw's Technicolor modem: avoid if at all possible

There really needs to be a recall and mass replacement of this modem. This is the second replacement Technicolor modem and the issue remains where it randomly disconnects from the internet but remains available thru disconnect remains fo... Read more


How to get Shaw to cancel my service

My service ends on the 1st, i've been trying to cancel it for 2 weeks now. I get on the phone line put my # for call back and for the 6th time today... as soon as i was put as position 1 in the queue(from the callback) my call was dropped. I have spo... Read more

Question for the Shareholders:

Goodbye Shaw.After 17 years of haggling with you over price increases I can almost set my watch to, I'm finally done.Ten years ago when I axed my television service, I thought you might get the hint. The digital over-the-air TV signals here in Edmont... Read more

Shaw Staff: Any originals still around?

I know this isn't tech help specific unless you were tech help. I ask as I'm the original consultant that helped setup Shaw. I remember testing Telus and Shaw side by side. Except when the one out of BC server was tested. We made the plan for investm... Read more

Shaw Calendar Stopped Syncing on Android

My Shaw Calendar has stopped syncing with my Android (Galaxy S8) over a month ago. I have tried removing the account from my phone (including logging in to Webmail and deleting my device from Mobile Devices tab) and re-installing it (set-up with Acti... Read more

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Oops you've flown too far

Can't watch wpg jets on free range app because my telus phone ip address is in toronto...but i am in i get black out. Read more

Spotify can't connect to internet

Recently changed from Shaw75 to Shaw100. Spotify app on Android worked perfectly fine before-hand, and now won't connect to my wifi.Tried it at a friend's place to test, and Spotify worked fine on their wifi, so looks to be a problem with my internet... Read more

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deleted email keeps returning on ipad mini

Deleted emails randomly keep returning on my ipad mini. The trash folder will show as empty for a few days, then suddenly have close to a thousand emails, some as old as three years ago. This usually happens when I move my inbox emails to my trash fo... Read more

Samsung Update Issue - 70.64.x.x/10 - Possibly 70.x.x.x/8

I've been having issues checking for updates on some of my Samsung devices (particularly Android and Tizen) for at least a couple months now on my Shaw connection. The update check takes a really long time and eventually just times out with an error ... Read more

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Android 9 snd email

I recently upgraded to Android 9 on my Samsung Note 9 and have an issue woth Shaw's email. If i set it up as active sync i can sybc my calendar but not send emails. If i set up as IMAP i can send emails bit not sync my calendar. Any ideas? This worke... Read more

Activesync Exchange emails not sending on Android

I set up ActiveSync Exchange on my new Galaxy S10. Right now I am able to revieve emails but when I try to sent they jst get stuck in the outbox and do not give me any failed message. Any way to fix this? Tried clearing data on the email app but no l... Read more

Cant connect IPhone 8 IOS 11 to Shaw Hotspot

At point of writing this, I am completely frustrated...I cannot connect my Iphone 8 plus to Shaw Mobile Hotspot to take advantage of what I pay for Shaw home internet 150 5G....This is SOOOOOO frustrating...Re registered my Iphone several times enter... Read more

MYSHAW app in iTunes on iPhone XS Max

Please, I am immediately able to download the MyShaw app from iTunes, on to my iPhone XS Max, however, when opening/launching the App, and me placing my finger on the top part of the App screen, I immediately get booted out of the App. This happens w... Read more

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