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You can also see which long-distance features are included with your Shaw phone package by visiting our Shaw Phone Package Comparison page.

Shaw Long Distance Rates

Shaw offers a variety of long-distance plans so that you can keep in touch with family and friends in the U.S. or around the world.  We have a variety of International Calling Plans including:

  • North American Long Distance calling plan
  • 1000 minutes International Long Distance plan
  • Asia Unlimited
  • India Unlimited

For additional information please visit our Home Phone page on
2022 Shaw Long Distance Rates


Free Shaw to Shaw Calling

Shaw offers free Shaw to Shaw Calling. For no extra charge, you can call another Shaw Personal Home Phone line. Shaw to Shaw Calling is limited to calls made from and to Shaw Home Phone and Shaw Business Phone (Shaw Business Phone Plus, Shaw Business Phone, Shaw Business Phone Basic). Whatever the time of day or where they are, it's now easier to stay in touch. For any other long-distance calls, charges apply.


Did You Know

You can review our home phone plans by visiting the link below. As a Shaw Home Phone customer you will have access to the long distance plans above.

Learn moreShaw Home Phone Plans


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