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Home Phone Articles

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Get all the information you need to know about your Shaw Home Phone. From equipment guides, to setting up voicemail, and even how to make the most of our international calling rates and plans.

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Shaw Home Phone FAQs

Learn about Shaw home phone services and how to fix common home phone issues from setting up your voicemail to dealing with no dial tones with our Shaw home phone frequently asked questions. You can view past bills, set up Auto payment, set up your e... Read more

How to deal with scam phone calls to Shaw customers

Learn more about phone scams and calls and how you can report them as a Shaw customer. Every year, thousands of people lose money to telemarketing scams. The goal of these scams is to obtain your personal information in order to access private accoun... Read more

New Area Code - Alberta (825)

Learn about the new (825) area code that was issued for Alberta. As demand for new telephone numbers for residents and businesses in Alberta continues to grow, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had announced that ... Read more

Shaw Prepaid Calling Plan

Shaw's Prepaid Calling Plan is a calling card-like service for customers who either want to place international calls (outside of Canada and the US) or want discounted long distance rates when away from home or for a cell phone. Benefits of Shaw's Pr... Read more

Shaw Long Distance Rates

To review the current long distance rates for your phone plan please visit our Home Phone page on shaw.ca found here: Shaw Home Phone. You can also see which long distance features are included with your Shaw phone package by visiting our Shaw Phone ... Read more

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