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Has anyone recently accessed the Shaw Home phone portal at [] to modify their voicemail settings, including greetings?

In my situation, although I can select the desired greeting, the system fails to accept it despite numerous attempts, signing in and out, and navigating to other portal sections such as Billing and Privacy.

I've taken several troubleshooting steps, including clearing cookies, disabling my antivirus (Windows Defender), attempting on a different PC, using a different network connection, and testing various browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

Greeting 1 is the default "Shaw System Greeting," a non-editable message played by a Shaw female voice. It serves as a standard, non-personal greeting. Greetings 2 and 3 are custom greetings, with the "Listen Only Greeting" never recorded and unused. This is "Greeting 4" but not technically referred to as such.

Regarding the selection of the desired greeting, these situations arise:

1. Visually, the portal appears normal, showing the correct greeting selection, but it fails to update in Shaw's system. It defaults to either the primary or secondary custom greeting randomly, with a preference for Greeting 3 about 95% of the time. The portal lacks a "Save" or "Delete" button, preventing the removal of a recorded greeting.

2. After selecting the preferred greeting and navigating within the Shaw Portal, returning to the voicemail section (without signing out) reveals another randomly selected greeting.

3. Settings within the Shaw Home Portal and voicemail section seem fine, but after exiting (signing out or closing the browser) and returning, a random greeting is chosen, typically Greeting 3.

4. After restarting my PC and accessing the Shaw Home Portal, the correct greeting is displayed as selected, but it doesn't update in Shaw's system.

5. Similar to scenario #2, after restarting my PC and visiting the Shaw Home Portal, the displayed selected greeting is used, but Shaw Home Phone wipes out the chosen greeting.

It's worth noting Greeting 3 is considered the "secondary greeting," and Greeting 2 is the "primary greeting" according to Shaw's voicemail IVR.

Unfortunately, there's no option via the telephone voicemail settings (*98) to delete a greeting or select the Shaw "System Greeting."

Troubleshooting efforts, including modem and voicemail resets by Shaw, toggling voicemail off and on, and trying different sequences to have the Shaw system accept the desired greeting.

Despite all this, Shaw has not been able to resolve the issue. The problem emerged around mid-2023, coinciding with the announcement of the Shaw/Rogers acquisition. I disabled greeting 3 (secondary greeting) within *98 settings. 

Lastly, it takes at least 15+ seconds for the Voicemail portal to load, often extending to about 60+ seconds. Accessing the Shaw Home Account Portal [ or] is also notably slow.

This information is shared for reference purposes, acknowledging the likelihood that Shaw will not resolve this issue.


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@Upfront6891 wrote: Accessing the Shaw Home Account Portal  or Shaw Single Sign On is also notably slow.

This slowness has been noted, many times on this discussion forum, by users of Shaw WebMail trying to logon, as it also contacts the same SSO server to authenticate.

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