Your Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera (Wired)TM or Ignite Doorbell Camera (Wired)TM can detect motion and will save these events for up to seven days. The Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app will also categorize these motion events by type to make searching through your event history much easier.

Types of motion events

The Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app recognizes three motion types for the Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera and five types for the Ignite Doorbell Camera. If the security or doorbell camera recognizes motion but is unable to determine what type of motion it is, that event will be flagged simply as "motion."

Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera

  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Pets

Ignite Doorbell Camera

  • Deliveries
  • Doorbell Ring
  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Pets

Did you know: If you've set a specific "Camera Area" in the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app, only motion within that area will be captured. Go to How to set Camera Area to learn more about this setting.

How to filter by motion type

You can filter video clips by motion type (e.g., People, Vehicles, Pets, etc.), allowing you to browse through all the recent videos for that specific type of motion.

  1. In the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app, go to the Home section.
  2. Select which camera you want to view.
  3. Select the Filter button and choose a motion type to only view clips of that motion type.

You can also set the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app to only send you notifications for certain types of motion events.

Learn more: How to watch video clipsHow to enable notifications for Ignite Self Protect

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