Learn about McAfee Software Removal and how to remove the software off of your computer. McAfee Software Removal is designed to remove all components of McAfee software from your computer after the programs have been uninstalled, thereby ensuring that no trace of McAfee software remains.




You can download McAfee Software Removal directly from McAfee by following this link.  For additional support from McAfee, please visit McAfee Support.



How to use McAfee Software Removal

Prior to running McAfee Software Removal, please ensure that all McAfee products have been uninstalled from your computer. McAfee Software Removal will prompt you about this before proceeding to scan your computer.

  1. If you have already removed all McAfee products from your computer when you see the below screen, click the Next button.

    McAfee Software Removal > Start Process Screen
  2. The next screen will present you with the end user licence agreement. Click Agree, and then click the Next button to proceed.

    McAfee Software Removal > Agree to User Agreement
  3. On the Security Validation screen, enter the characters displayed in the text box, and click Next.

    McAfee Software Removal > Security Validation Screen
  4. After running, McAfee Software Removal will prompt you to restart your computer to complete the process.


Removing McAfee Products > Progress Screen

McAfee Software Removal Complete > Restart Prompt

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